Is CBD Oil Legal to Use? Here’s Things You Should Know

CBD Oil is in the News…Is CBD Oil Legal?

This question is all over the news alm

ost every day…the status of the legality of CBD Oil – and how much THC it contains – is changing all the time…

Here is a reliable source for CBD Oil that is legal everywhere!

Just yesterday (as of the writing of this post) Great Britain reclassified CBD Oil.  From being a Class 1 narcotic, now the answer to the question, Is CBD Oil legal, is – it depends…

How Does CBD Oil Work?

For the reason that CBD is on everyone’s lips – literally – let’s have a look at what cannabidinoil is, what how it interacts with your own body’s systems, and how it overcomes illness and the indicators and symptoms that can cause physical and emotional distress.

There’re a lot of reported experiences that demonstrate that (CBD) oil – the oily extract from cannabis – can help treat a a wide range of disease. It’s shown to minister to illnesses from addictions to nervous disorders and seizures , from joint pain to anxiety and depression-even PTSD .

(Canabidinoil) Is CBD Oil Legal? Ah yes....
Is (Canabidinoil) CBD Oil Legal?

Lab tests are proving this to be truth, not a myth.

But despite CBD oil’s moving into its own, still remaining  you’ll find misjudgment regarding what it actually is, and its chemical properties.

Many countries consider some CBD oil legal – which include those hemp-derived low-THC varieties – others with THC are illegal in identical places – many others allow sales of all the cannabinoids.  Is CDB Oil Legal?  The answer varies from place to place, and by composition.

A good reason is that the understanding of the differences between hemp and marijuana, both cannabinoids, is not clear to many – which masks the composition and differences between varieties of plants  in the cannabis family.

How can 100% legal CBD oil help you?
How can 100% legal CBD OIl help you?

You see, there are two very distinct species of the cannabis plant- hemp and marijuana.

The big distinctions between hemp and marijuana are based on two criteria: one, the types and amounts of cannabinoids and two, the intended use.

CBD Oil is the chemical that relieves pain, seizures, anxiety and a multitude of other conditions…it interacts with receptors all over the body of all vertebrates –

hey, that means you can use it for humans and for your pets!

CBD Oil is Good for humans...good for your pets
Good for humans…good for your pets

THC is the psychoactive chemical that gives the “high”, and reduces memory of terrible circumstances.  The research is ongoing on how it may help with other conditions.

Cannabidinoil (CDB) has no hallucinogenic properties…

Is CBD Oil Legal?  The answer is YES…unless it contains more than .2% THC (in the UK) or .3% in the US.  Please note is completely legal in many places, no matter how much THC is in it.  In others, CBD Oil with THC can be obtained with a prescription.

CBD Oil Legality in the English-Speaking West

In many English-speaking countries there is a increase of public attention towards cannabinoids…What are they, what do they do, and what result can it have in your case?  Is CDB Oil Legal?

This Spring Canada added marijuana for recreational use to its already-permitted medical uses, although availability is stalled while information and facts are being gathered so they can manage to get their ducks in order.

In April, Zimbabwe passed laws to allow manufacturing of cannabis for scientific and medical use, seeking to gain some of the economic benefits from this latest fad for miraculous cures.

CBD oil helps children, adults and seniors with relief of symptoms of disease
CBD oil helps children, adults and seniors with relief of symptoms of disease

The movement has been growing for legalization for use with progressive, chronic, incurable disease within the UK.  A recent expose on the confiscation of CBD Oil brought into the airport for treatment of a 12-year-old’s medical condition increased the focus.  Just a day ago, the Government, after a scientific inquiry, moved cannabis with THC from completely illegal to being able to be medically prescribed-!

As of now, medical marijuana is legal in Great Britain!  Is CBD Oil Legal- YES, even when it has concentration of THC higher than two-tenths of a percent, with a prescription.

South Africa is procrastinating, because of the mindset that it’s a gateway drug to many other addictive opioids.

In the US, CBD oil is legal (although the parameters are unclear in 2 states)…. There are not any growth and production standards, nor is a prescription essential to purchase.  Here is a reliable source for non-psychoactive, non-GMO, organic, pure CDB Oil grown and manufactured in the United States.

Growing hemp was illegal from 1970 until 2016!

Marijuana (that has THC) is unlawful federally in the US, but has become legalized in numerous states. Most restrict to medicinal only, while a small number of states have legalized recreational use.

The tremendous level of attention has caused a lot of scientific inquiry.

What used to be, from ancient times, in traditions and rituals gained by experience over the ages, today is acquiring proof centered on scientific testing.

From unearthing CBD oil around Second World War to finding THC 2 decades later, the things we know about cannabinoids continues to expand. Alongside that knowledge is learning truths that can take the place of fear that each and every hemp is identical, and that all of them create opiod addiction.

Not So In Any Way

Scientific knowledge expansion tell us today that Hemp and Marijuana are different branches of the cannabinoid group of plants.

Marajuana is the plant that has THC and can produce a high.

Hemp has miniscule traces of THC, but a whole lot of beneficial CBD Oil.

CBD Oil is LEGAL…when it contains more THC than the legal limits, it needs to be prescribed in the UK.  With more THC, it remains illegal federally in the US and in South Africa.

The history of legality is tied to ignorance, racial prejudice and economic competition…The time for overcoming these restrictions is here.

Where Can You Buy  100% Legal CBD Oil?

With all the buzz worldwide, many are jumping on the bandwagon.  Don’t buy it from sketchy sources!  The amount of the chemical can be adulterated with other oils, and the benefits reduced or removed.

Here is a great source for Organic, USA-produced, Non-GMO products for humans and for their pets.  I highly recommend it.  These are all Hemp-based with no THC, and therefore both non-psychoactive and completely legal all over.  No prescription is needed to use them.

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